The Logo

The ISMAR 2021 logo fully conveys the identity of the Apulia region: countries and landscapes around the city of Bari that will make you feel emotions you will never forget in your life.

This is the land where the wind blows among the olive trees and stops in front of the Trulli beauty. The place where the sun shines with a singular glow among the most beautiful architectures that history handed down to us, to then reflect into the sea scented of salt and holder of the laughs and memories echo of those who lived it.

In what appears to be a painting that comes to life and involves all our senses indiscriminately, the Trullo reigns as the undisputed protagonist. As a cornerstone of popular Apulian architecture, it dates back to prehistoric times, when the first constructions similar to it, called tholòs, were used to bury the dead.

But its spread occurred in the XV century when people conceived buildings that could be easily demolished (and later rebuilt) so that, when the king’s delegates were sent to collect taxes, it was enough to remove the keystone and transform Trullo into piles of stones.

But this construction leitmotif is its pinnacle: a decorative element with esoteric, spiritual or propitiatory motifs. Usually made up of three overlapping stones, its true meaning is still obscure, despite the various hypotheses advanced over time.

Whether it hides magical values, ornamental function or distinctive signs, the pinnacle was and is still a mystery that surprises the viewer’s eye, so that we want to convey it also in ISMAR 2021’s identity… Who seeks, finds!

Everybody, we are glad to welcome you ALL to ISMAR 2021 “with open arms”, as the human figure on our logo suggests!