Paper Presentation Instructions

ISMAR Sessions and Presentation

ISMAR will provide an online and an offline experience this year.  Authors can engage directly with the community during online sessions via Zoom and GatherTown and stay connected both synchronously and asynchronously between sessions and hosted events using Discord.  The session will be mainly aligned with the Italian time zone.  Since ISMAR is an international conference, the planning team is working to stretch sessions into the early morning and late afternoon hours to facilitate synchronous ISMAR experience slots for authors and attendees from Asia and the Americas.  

Despite being virtual, ISMAR wants to offer a scientific exchange equivalent to an on-site conference or as close to as possible. Therefore, all authors must present their papers online during the assigned session and time. We will announce the exact time slots and sessions for each author to present in an email no later than Sept. 17, 2021. The planning committee will accommodate each author’s time zone as best as possible to limit inconvenient presentation times. However, early morning and evening times may be necessary. Please contact us after receiving your assigned presentation date/time if additional accommodations are required.

Every session will include two parts, a presentation and a discussion. During the presentation part each author will have 12 minutes (+ 1 minute to switch presenters) to present their research and answer up to one clarification question from the session chair. The audience is encouraged to post questions in Discord during or after the presentation. After the presentation part the discussion part will begin where the authors and audience will meet in designated virtual areas to further discuss the research. Authors are expected to be available in the discussion area.  These areas will remain open until the next session starts (30 minutes). 

The technical support staff will record all presentations and publish them after a session has concluded. Attendees will gain access via the technical platform, and authors are highly encouraged to engage with the community asynchronously and discuss their research further via Discord. 

Presentation Template

All ISMAR 21 paper presentations are expected to use the ISMAR slide template for both their live presentation and the video backup — especially for the title and credits page.  Consistent use of the ISMAR template is important for consistent branding, and in the long run helps grow and sustain recognition of the quality of ISMAR’s scientific contributions.

  • Authors can find the presentation template here.


Note that the template contains an ISMAR 21 branded “title slide” and also templates for several different types of typical “regular” slides. 

Video Backups

Although we seek live presentations, we cannot eliminate technical challenges entirely. Thus, each author must prepare a backup video and post this video unlisted on Youtube to ensure a smooth conference experience for the ISMAR community. Technical support will play the video if an author encounters technical challenges during the live presentation. 

Please follow the video guidelines on the ISMAR web page:

Some additional instructions:

  • Video may not exceed 12 minutes, the regular presentation time. 
  • Use the ISMAR template to prepare your video as provided here.
  • Limit the ISMAR-branded TITLE SLIDE duration to approximately 5 seconds. 
  • Consider adding a slide that appears directly after the ISMAR-branded TITLE slide that shows photos of the authors. 
  • Refrain from starting with a loud jingle or music, especially if it requires royalties. 
  • Since videos will be posted on YouTube, mind that all content is royalty-free (e.g., photos) and free of offensive text/messages. YouTube policies may block your video otherwise. Note that offensive text/messages should never be part of a professional presentation.
  • Please  ensure that your audio does not clip at 0 db. When using a computer-internal microphone the best recording gain for voice is -12 db.
  • Your video must have subtitles. Please review the video guidelines (see link above) for further information about subtitles. 

Please upload your video to YouTube following the video guidelines and share the link via PCS ( Use the camera-ready form and the text field “URL to presentation video (unlisted Youtube link)” to submit your link no later than Sept. 22, 2021.

We will share details about the technical platform in our next email. Also, ISMAR will offer technical introduction sessions the week before the conference starts so that every author can check their equipment. 

Thank you for your contribution, and we are looking forward to a successful virtual ISMAR!

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