Call for Workshops


The ISMAR 2021 organizing committee invites proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the ISMAR conference. The workshops will be scheduled on Monday 4 October and Friday 8 October.

Workshops are intended to bring together researchers, developers, technology providers, practitioners and users for a lively and interactive discussion of issues in augmented, mixed, and virtual reality through an informal exchange of ideas and information. Workshops may target a specific application area, a specific research area, or a topic of general interest to the ISMAR community. Workshops are often “mini conferences” organized around a very focused topic, but this is not the only possible workshop mode. We encourage organizers to consider alternative modes, including (but not limited to) interactive discussions, curated panels, and position papers, as well as models that take advantage of the hybrid format, such as prerecording talks to enable an interactive live workshop.

The scope of the proposals should be consistent with the main conference topics. Please visit the conference website for more details:

Workshop proposals must be submitted before Friday, 23 April 2021 (23:59 AoE).

Important Deadlines

  • Proposal deadline: 23rd April 2021 (23:59 AoE)
  • Acceptance notification: 3rd May 2021
  • Workshop calls for participation issued by: 24th May 2021
  • Workshop acceptance notifications issued by: 26th July 2021
  • Camera-ready materials: 19th August 2021


The deadline for workshop proposal submissions is 23rd April 2021 (23:59 AoE), notifications will be sent out on 3rd May 2021. Workshop organizers will be expected to issue their calls-for-participation no later than 24th May 2021 and to issue any acceptance decisions to their participants no later than 26th July 2021 to allow sufficient time for travel planning and advance registration to the conference. All camera-ready material for the proceedings should be collected by 19th August 2021.


ISMAR workshops provide a venue for presentations of novel work, work in progress, and position papers. ISMAR workshops may also be organized as seminars in which attendees are invited to actively participate. Since seminars aim for a maximum of interactivity, we ask the organizers to state which target audience the workshop addresses and how the organizers intend involving the attendees. Organizers may include, for example, hands-on sessions or pro-contra discussions of reading lists. Workshops may also be organized as a combination of both formats, such as seminars regarding presentations of novel work, work in progress, or position statements.

Workshop organizers can choose one of two options regarding publication: (1) The workshop’s papers will be published in ISMAR 2021 adjunct proceedings and IEEE Xplore, OR (2) The workshop’s papers will not be published but will be distributed as supplemental material along with the ISMAR 2021 proceedings, as a part of the conference material.

Submission Guidelines for Workshop Proposals

Workshop submissions can be directed to (please use the subject “ISMAR 2021 Workshop Proposal“ and cc all co-organizers on the email). Please provide a PDF document containing:

  1. Title of the workshop:
  2. Preferred date for the workshop: Monday, 4 October/Friday, 8 October/no preference
  3. Themes and topics of interest:
    • Brief description on research issues that the workshop will address.
    • Reasons why the workshop is of interest to the conference participants.
    • Reasons why the workshop is timely and relevant for ISMAR 2021.
    • Industrial interest (optional).
  4. Format of the workshop (including a rudimentary agenda).
  5. Whether workshop materials should be published in the proceedings.
  6. Call for participation document.
  7. Organizers (having two organizers for a workshop is the minimum requirement):
    • Names.
    • Affiliations.
    • Research interest.
    • Short bio.
  8. Potential program committee members.
  9. Audience: approximate the expected number of participants and submissions (range)

Organizers (a minimum of two organizers per workshop) are expected to be proactive in the field where they propose a workshop. Potential workshop organizers should also note that at least one workshop organizer is required to attend those workshops they are organizing. Any change to the workshop organization team must be submitted in writing at least two weeks before the workshop paper deadline. No changes to the workshop organization team can be made after this date to ensure that potential participants submitting papers to workshops are aware of the final organization team.

After sending your proposal to the aforementioned email address, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt. The committee will review the workshop proposal, and notifications of acceptance will be sent out after the review period.