Code of Conduct

ISMAR is an IEEE conference that abides by the general code of conduct available here, which ranges topics from plagiarism to harassment.

We are welcoming

There are many people who participate in ISMAR, including PhD students, undergraduates, master’s students, faculty, academic staff, industry professionals, and others. We are a diverse group and we welcome further diversity! ISMAR is dedicated to providing a harassment-free, safe, and inclusive experience for everyone, regardless of personal and professional background, gender, gender identity and expression, style of clothing, sexual orientation, dis-/ability, physical appearance, body size, race, class, age, or religion. IEEE, ISMAR and the VGTC resists and rejects: racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, religion shaming, “geekier-than-thou” shaming, education bias, the shaming of people nursing children, and the dismissal or bullying of children or adults. This applies to all our venues of engagement, whether they be in person or through email, videoconference, other online interactions.

We do not tolerate harassing or shaming

We operate under the assumption that everyone participating in ISMAR operates according to the understanding above. Individuals who violate this code of conduct can expect repercussions from moderation of messages to expulsion from our community. This applies to all participants, including organizers, presenters, sponsors, and attendees.

How does that work?

Sometimes things go wrong. When a situation is uncomfortable, hurtful, exclusionary, or upsetting, there is a problem that should be addressed.

IEEE ISMAR 2021 has

  • Paper sessions
  • Paper Q&A
  • Workshops
  • Demos
  • Other social engagements

Each of these offers unique forms of engagement, but also possibilities for harm. 

Reporting an Incident

All issues can be brought up with the ISMAR organizers. If you want to email a trusted confidant, the chairs of the Ethics and Diversity committee can be reached at , or the general chairs of the conference .

The chairs will try their best to mitigate the situation right in the spot, and/or direct and assist you to a direct link for reporting violations:

After a formal complaint is filed the usual course of action is an investigation resulting in a complete ethics report by the IEEE. And then the person or persons involved may end up on the IEEE Prohibited Authors List for a number of years. The length of time depends on the severity of the infraction. 

In the event that the general chairs are involved with the allegations, or unable to help, or you prefer no mediation, you can directly use the reporting link without mediation or if further mediation is needed you should then reach the IEEE VGTC Chairs .

We are empathetic

At IEEE ISMAR, we strive for excellence but acknowledge that there is no one definition of excellence. Different views are allowed to respectfully coexist in the same space. When something’s happened and someone is uncomfortable, our first choice is to work through it. Endeavor to listen and appropriately adjust your behavior if someone approaches you privately with a request that you apologize or publicly requests that you stop an ongoing presentation. If someone questions your words, actions or motives, or “calls you out”, hear their feedback and respond respectfully. It’s okay to not understand why something is hurtful or causes discomfort, as long as you approach it respectfully, with empathy. Repeating hurtful behavior after it has been addressed is disrespectful and is not allowed.

We learn to teach and teach to learn

No one was born knowing everything. IEEE ISMAR research constitutes many different forms of practice and embodies many types of knowledge. We listen to each other and learn from each other. If someone asks for help or instruction, our default response is to provide it. If we believe we might be helpful with a task, we offer assistance and wait for consent to provide it.

We are helpful

Research conferences are exciting and adventurous, but are supported by infrastructure and guidance. At ISMAR, we all chip in to organize our community, engage with new ideas, and lift each other up.
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