Apulia at the table

Not only sea, beaches, beautiful villages and artistic and cultural sites to discover. Puglia is also a perfect destination for lovers of good food and wine tours. The heel of the boot boasts a wide range of typical products of land as of sea, also strong of a multiethnic secular tradition, which over time has enriched a patrimony already valuable and varied.


The focaccia represents one of the cornerstones of the popular tradition of Bari city still widespread today, in particular, in its historic center. Its origins are attributable to the ancient Phoenicians: a mixture of millet, barley, water, and salt that, in the second century B.C., Cato “told” of it as a round-shaped dough cooked on stone. Focaccia is a flat oven-baked Italian bread similar in style and texture to the pizza. In the tradition of Bari, Focaccia is always dressed with tomatoes and local olive. However, the peculiar secret of its flavor is the “olio extravergine d’oliva (EVO),” the local Apulia oil.

Dairy products

Puglia is the land of cheeses and dairy products with delicate or intense flavors of high quality. The whole region is dotted with many farms where, over time, the fathers have handed down to their children the traditions and knowledge related to cattle breeding and cheese production. Ricotta, primo sale, giuncata, caciotte, mozzarella, nodini, braids, stuffed rolls, stracciatelle, burrata, scamorze and caciocavallo give taste experiences. It is highly recommended to visit the original places where dairy products are made, especially in Gioia del Colle and Andria.


Puglia is the land of ancient wine traditions. The Apulian plains have been a sanctuary for vines and olive trees since the Phoenicians and the Greeks. Homer himself spoke of this region as a place of “eternal spring.” It was this particular climatic condition that favored an abundance and variety of refined wines.

Today, two wines, such as Negroamaro and Primitivo, have become synonymous of quality, and together with 24 other wines transport Puglia region to the tables worldwide.