Paper Presentations (old)

ISMAR 2021 Accepted Journal Papers

  • Liu, J. Elvezio, C. Tversky, B. and S. Feiner, “Using Multi-Level Precueing to Improve Performance in Path-Following Tasks in Virtual Reality
  • Brument, H. Bruder, G. Marchal, M. Olivier, A. and F. Argelaguet Sanz, “Understanding, Modeling and Simulating Unintended Positional Drift during Repetitive Steering Navigation Tasks in Virtual Reality
  • Kimura, S. Iwai, D. Punpongsanon, P. and K. Sato, “Multifocal Stereoscopic Projection Mapping
  • Chakravarthula, P. Zhang, Z. Tarsun, O.T. Didyk, P. Sun, Q. and H. Fuchs, “Gaze-Contingent Retinal Speckle Suppression in Holographic Displays
  • Lai, C. Hu, X. Aiyaz, A. Segismundo, A.K. Phadke, A.A. and R.P. McMahan, “The Cognitive Loads and Usability of Target-based and Steering-based Travel Techniques
  • Williams, N.L. Bera, A. and D. Manocha, “Redirected Walking in Static and Dynamic Scenes Using Visibility Polygons
  • Xiang, X. Jiang, H. Zhang, G., Yu, Y., Li, C. Yang, X. Chen, D. and H. Bao, “Mobile3DScanner: An Online 3D Scanner for High-quality Object Reconstruction with a Mobile Device
  • Norouzi, N. Bruder, G. Erickson, A. Kim, K. Bailenson, J.N. Wisniewski, P.J. Hughes, C.E. and G. Welch, “Virtual Animals as Diegetic Attention Guidance Mechanisms in 360-Degree Experiences
  • Shi, X. Wang, L. Wei, X. and L. Yan, “Foveated Photon Mapping
  • Hetzel, L. Dudley, J.J. Feit, A.M. and P. Kristensson, “Complex Interaction as Emergent Behaviour: Simulating Mid-Air Text Entry using Reinforcement Learning
  • Sakono, H. Matsumoto, K. Narumi, T. and H. Kuzuoka, “Redirected Walking using Continuous Curvature Manipulation
  • Zhou, Z. Wang, L. and V. Popescu, “A Partially-Sorted Concentric Layout for Efficient Label Localization in Augmented Reality
  • Nakano, K. Isoyama, N. Monteiro, D.V. Sakata, N. Kiyokawa, K. and T. Narumi, “Head-Mounted Display with Increased Downward Field of View Improves Presence and Sense of Self-Location
  • Concha Belenguer, A. Briales, J. Forster, C. Oth, L. and M. Burri, “Instant Visual Odometry Initialization for Mobile AR
  • Hansen, L.H. Fleck, P. Stranner, M. Schmalsteig, D. and C. Arth, “Augmented Reality for Subsurface Utility Engineering, Revisited
  • Yu, K. Gorbachev, G. Eck, U. Pankratz, F. Navab, N. and D. Roth, “Avatars for Teleconsultation: Effects of Avatar Embodiment Techniques on User Perception in 3D Asymmetric Telepresence
  • Zhao, J. Chalmers, A. and T.J. Rhee, “Adaptive Light Estimation using Dynamic Filtering for Diverse Lighting Conditions
  • Sugimoto, M. Iwai, D. Ishida, K. Punpongsanon, P. and K. Sato, “Directionally Decomposing Structured Light for Projector Calibration
  • Li, S. Cui, J. Hao, A. Zhang, S. and Q. Zhao, “Design and Evaluation of Personalized Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Surgery Simulation System
  • Benmahdjoub, M. Niessen, W.J. Wolvius, E.B. and T. van Walsom, “Virtual extensions improve perception-based instrument alignment using optical see-through devices
  • Faleel, S.A.M. Gammon, M. Fan, K. Huang, D. Li, W. and P. Irani, “HPUI: Hand Proximate User Interfaces for One-Handed Interactions on Head Mounted Displays
  • Wu, N. Chao, Q. Chen, Y. Xu, W. Liu, C. Manocha, D. Sun, W. Han, Y. Yao, X. and X. Jin, “AgentDress: Realtime Clothing Synthesis for Virtual Agents using Plausible Deformations
  • Steed, A. Takala, T.M. Archer, D. Lages, W. and R.W. Lindeman, “Directions for 3D User Interface Research from Consumer VR Games
  • Sizintsev, M. Mithun, N.C. Chiu, H. Samarasekera, S. and R. Kumar, “Long-Range Augmented Reality with Dynamic Occlusion Rendering

Invited TVCG and CG&A Talks

  • Chalmers, A. Zhao, J. Medeiros, D. and T. Rhee, “Reconstructing Reflection Maps using a Stacked-CNN for Mixed Reality
  • Martin-Gomez, A. Weiss, J. Keller, A. and U. Eck, “The Impact of Focus and Context Visualization Techniques on Depth Perception in Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Displays
  • Han, P. Chen, Y. Liu, I. Jang, Y. Tsai, L. Chang, A. and Y. Hung, “A Compelling Virtual Tour of the Dunhuang Cave With an Immersive Head-Mounted Display
  • Al-Kabani, M. Frutos-Pascual, M. and I. Williams, “Evaluation of Drop Shadows for Virtual Object Grasping in Augmented Reality Perception

ISMAR 2021 Accepted Conference Papers

  • Liu, C. Mantel and S. Forchhammer, “Perception-Driven Hybrid Foveated Depth of Field Rendering for Head-Mounted Displays
  • Wang, Y. Zhao, Y. Liu and F. Lu, “Edge-Guided Near-Eye Image Analysis for Head Mounted Displays
  • Li, M. Wang, F. Steinicke, S. Hu and Q. Zhao, “OpenRDW: A Redirected Walking Library and Benchmark with Multi-User, Learning-based Functionalities and State-of-the-art Algorithms
  • Islam, J. Quarles and K. Desai, “Cybersickness Prediction from Integrated HMD’s Sensors: A Multimodal Deep Fusion Approach using Eye-tracking and Head-tracking Data
  • Zhou, Z. Cheng, H. Shum, F.W. Li and X. Liang, “STGAE: Spatial-Temporal Graph Auto-Encoder for Hand Motion Denoising
  • Benda and E. Ragan, “The Effects of Virtual Avatar Visibility on Pointing Interpretation by Observers in 3D Environments
  • Wang, X. Liu and X. Li, “VR Collaborative Object Manipulation Based on View Quality
  • Kari, T. Grosse-Puppendahl, L.F. Coelho, A.R. Fender, D. Bethge, R. Schütte and C. Holz, “TransforMR: Pose-Aware Object Substitution for Composing Alternate Mixed Realities
  • Li, T. Fan, H. Zhai, H. Bao, Z. Cui and G. Zhang, “BDLoc: Global Localization from 2.5D Building Map
  • Lu and W. Mayol-Cuevas, “The object at hand: Automated Editing for Mixed Reality Video Guidance from hand-object interactions
  • Zheng, p. ren, H. Sun, J. Wang, Q. Qi and J. Liao, “SAR: Spatial-Aware Regression for 3D Hand Pose and Mesh Reconstruction from a Monocular RGB Image
  • Khan, V. Muvva, D. Wu, M. Arefin, N. Phillips and J. Swan, “Measuring the Perceived Three-Dimensional Location of Virtual Objects in Optical See-Through Augmented Reality
  • Shi, N. Zhu, H. Liang and S. Zhao, “Exploring Head-based Mode-Switching in Virtual Reality
  • Tang, V.L. Zhu and V. Popescu, “AlterEcho: Loose Avatar-Streamer Coupling for Expressive VTubing
  • D.V. Monteiro, H. Liang, X. Tang and P. Irani, “Using Trajectory Compression Rate to Predict Changes in Cybersickness in Virtual Reality Games
  • Kahl, M. Ruble and A. Krüger, “Investigation of Size Variations in Optical See-through Tangible Augmented Reality
  • Wang, H. Zheng, G. Zhang and J. Yang, “Parametric Model Estimation for 3D Clothed Humans from Point Clouds
  • Wolf, Q. Lohmeyer, C. Holz and M. Meboldt, “Gaze Comes in Handy: Predicting and Preventing Erroneous Hand Actions in AR-Supported Manual Tasks
  • Yamaguchi, N. Ogawa and T. Narumi, “Now I’m Not Afraid: Reducing Fear of Missing Out in 360° Videos on a Head-Mounted Display Using a Panoramic Thumbnail
  • Chen, Y. Li, M. Wang, F. Steinicke, S. Hu and Q. Zhao, “A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Redirected Walking with Passive Haptics
  • Tyagi, Y. Liang, S. Wang and D. Bai, “DVIO: Depth-Aided Visual Inertial Odometry for RGBD Sensors
  • Cabric, E. Dubois and M. Serrano, “A Predictive Performance Model for Immersive Interactions in Mixed Reality
  • O’Hagan, J.R. Williamson, M. McGill and M. Khamis, “Safety, Power Imbalances, Ethics and Proxy Sex: Surveying In-The-Wild Interactions Between VR Users and Bystanders
  • A.G. Moore, R. McMahan, H. Dong and N. Ruozzi, “Personal Identifiability of User Tracking Data During VR Training
  • Zhao, X. Lu, M. Zhao and M. Wang, “Classifying In-Place Gestures with End-to-End Point Cloud Learning
  • Ye, J. Chen, M. Wang, Y. Yang and S. Hu, “PAVAL: Position-Aware Virtual Agent Locomotion for Assisted VR Navigation
  • Sun, H. Yong and X. Shen, “Two-hand Pose Estimation from the non-cropped RGB Image with Self-Attention Based Network
  • Hu, F. Baena and F. Cutolo, “Rotational-constrained optical see-through headset calibration with bare-hand alignment
  • Ng, D. Medeiros, M. McGill, J.R. Williamson and S. Brewster, “The Passenger Experience of Mixed Reality Virtual Display Layouts In Airplane Environments
  • Chen, N. Wang, R. Xu, W. Xie, H. Bao and G. Zhang, “RNIN-VIO: Robust Neural Inertial Navigation Aided Visual-Inertial Odometry in Challenging Scenes
  • Mandl, P. Mohr, T. Langlotz, C. Ebner, S. Mori, S. Zollmann, P. Roth and D. Kalkofen, “Neural Cameras: Learning Camera Characteristics for Coherent Mixed Reality Rendering
  • Li, S. Subramanyam, J. Jansen, Y. Mei, I. Reimat, K. Ławicka and P. Cesar, “Evaluating the User Experience of a Photorealistic Social VR Movie
  • Chen, A. Monroy-Hernández and M. Sra, “SceneAR: Scene-based Micro Narratives for Sharing and Remixing in Augmented Reality
  • Sorli, D. Casas, M. Verschoor, A. Tajadura-Jiménez and M. Otaduy, “Fine Virtual Manipulation with Hands of Different Sizes
  • Gottsacker, N. Norouzi, K. Kim, G. Bruder and G. Welch, “Diegetic Representations for Seamless Cross-Reality Interruptions
  • Fabre, A.A. Verhulst, A. Balandra, M. Sugimoto and M. Inami, “Investigating Textual Sound Effects in a Virtual Environment and their impacts on Object Perception and Sound Perception
  • Liu, F. Zhang and Z. Cheng, “BuildingSketch: Freehand Mid-Air Sketching for Building Modeling
  • Chung, K. Lee and U. Oh, “Understanding the Two-Step Nonvisual Omnidirectional Guidance for Target Acquisition in 3D Spaces
  • Raeburn and L. Tokarchuk, “Varying user agency alongside interaction opportunities in a home mobile mixed reality story
  • Quintero, J. Muñoz Cardona, J.d. De mooij and M. Gaebler, “Excite-O-Meter: Software Framework to Integrate Heart Activity in Virtual Reality
  • Fuhl, G. Kasneci and E. Kasneci, “TEyeD: Over 20 million real-world eye images with Pupil, Eyelid, and Iris 2D and 3D Segmentations, 2D and 3D Landmarks, 3D Eyeball, Gaze Vector, and Eye Movement Types
  • S.K. Tadeja, P. Langdon and P. Kristensson, “Supporting Iterative Virtual Reality Analytics Design and Evaluation by Systematic Generation of Surrogate Clustered Datasets
  • Che and Y. Qi, “Detection-Guided 3D Hand Tracking for Mobile AR Application
  • Shen, J.J. Dudley and P. Kristensson, “Simulating Realistic Human Motion Trajectories of Mid-Air Gesture Typing
  • Wieland, J. Zagermann, J. Müller and H. Reiterer, “Separation, Composition, or Hybrid? – Comparing Collaborative 3D Object Manipulation Techniques for Handheld Augmented Reality
  • Kim, Y. Ko and I. Ihm, “Selective Foveated Ray Tracing for Head-Mounted Displays
  • Someya and Y. Itoh, “Blending Shadows: Casting Shadows in Virtual and Real using Occlusion-Capable Augmented Reality Near-Eye Displays
  • Hertel, S. Karaosmanoglu, S. Schmidt, J. Bräker, M. Semmann and F. Steinicke, “A Taxonomy of Interaction Techniques for Immersive Augmented Reality based on an Iterative Literature Review
  • Meng, L. Xiao, Y. Zhou and Z. Zhou, “Distortion-aware room layout estimation from a single fisheye image
  • Zhao, M. Simpson, p. sajjadi, J. Wallgrün, P. Li, M.M. Bagher, D. Oprean, L. Padilla and A. Klippel, “CrowdXR – Pitfalls and Potentials of Experiments with Remote Participants
  • Klein, M. Leuschner, T. Langen, P. Kurth, M. Stamminger and F. Bauer, “Scan&Paint: Image-based Projection Painting
  • Masopust, D. Bauer, S. Yao and K. Ma, “A Comparison of the Fatigue Progression of Eye-Tracked and Motion-Controlled Interaction in Immersive Space
  • Fribourg, E. Peillard and R. McDonnell, “Mirror Mirror on My Phone: Investigating Dimensions of Self-Face Perception Induced by Augmented Reality Filters
  • Rowe, N. Pereira, M. Farb, I. Liang, E. Lu and E. Riebling, “ARENA: The Augmented Reality Edge Networking Architecture
  • Lu, J. Miller, N. Pereira and A. Rowe, “FLASH: Video AR Anchors for Live Events
  • Matsumoto, K. Aoyama, T. Narumi and H. Kuzuoka, “Redirected Walking Using Noisy Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation









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