ISMAR health and safety organization

ISMAR is planning a hybrid conference — a face-to-face event with virtual/online participation in parallel — with full commitment to attendee and companions’ safety.

The health and safety chair () was introduced as intop the conference organizing committee, leading a COVID taskforce, in collaboration with regional institutions. The goal of this taskforce is to monitor COVID sitting and update this page regularly with official safety info.

Covid-19 in Italy situation at 1 July 2021

The Italian Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has signed an ordinance (active from Monday 28 June 2021) which states that all Italian regions are flagged as white (low risk). Caution and prudence are still needed, especially considering the variants.

White area – low risk

  • Mobility: it is allowed to move in and out of the region.
  • Behaviour: Obligation to wear a mask at all times in indoor and outdoor spaces when it is not possible to maintain interpersonal distance, in spaces outside healthcare facilities, in the presence of people with impaired immune system function. Prohibition of gathering, hand hygiene.
  • Activities: All activities (shops, restaurants, bar, …) are open, each activity will adopt specific protocols (temperature check, hand disinfection, etc)
  • In catering activities: table consumption in indoor spaces is allowed for a maximum of 6 people per table, unless they are all living together.

Is it possible to travel to Italy?

It depends on where you are travelling from, but in many cases, yes! For example, the European Union Digital COVID certificate (EUDCC) and a US CDC vaccination card are making travel to Italy with no quarantine quite possible! Of course the situation is subject to change given emerging COVID variants. For the most up-to-date information on COVID-related travel restrictions, see your home country’s government travel webpages for Italy, and also check back to for “Recent Updates” related to COVID’s impact on the ISMAR 2021 conference.

To know what are the procedures to enter Italy please check the interactive questionnaire

Covid-19 in Italy in Real-Time - Stay tuned

In this page there are Daily reports, Public utility numbers, Information for Travelers, and other useful information.

Guidelines for attendee

  • Attendees should wear masks in all closed places: conference rooms, conference hall, shops, buses, trains, supermarkets, workplaces, schools (according to specific sector protocols), bars and restaurants when not eating or drinking
  • The mask is optional outdoors, however it is mandatory to always have a mask with you and use it if you cannot respect the interpersonal distance of at least one meter or if there is a risk of gatherings
  • The obligation to wear a mask is not foreseen for children under 6 years of age and for those who cannot wear it due to disability or pathology
  • It is not mandatory to wear a mask (even indoors): while doing sports; while eating or drinking (in the places and times in which it is allowed; when alone or with your cohabitants)
  • It is not mandatory to use a particular type of mask, “community” masks, disposable, washable, possibly self-produced, can also be used, as long as they are made of multilayer materials to cover the face from the chin to above the nose